Better cosmetic plastic spray bottle


There are two types of spray bottles: pressed and scrat […]

There are two types of spray bottles: pressed and scratched; the use of cosmetic bottles is commonly used in these two types, such as lotions, sunscreens, makeup removers, etc. The packaging requirements of these different products are also very strict. Manufacturers are also a test. On cosmetic plastic spray bottles, fine quality is also the focus on user experience. Whether it is high-end products or low-end products, quality must be guaranteed, so as to retain the market and customers;

At present, as long as it is about pp / pet / hdpe materials that are used in transparent packaging such as diet, medicines, oral administration, injections, etc., to ensure non-toxic, odorless, and chemically stable requirements, especially for liquids, it is necessary to ensure tightness and evaporation When the permeability is high, we must subdivide our products and choose the appropriate plastic material when purchasing;

Transparent plastic bottles are also divided into fully transparent plastic bottles and translucent plastic bottles. Transparent packaging materials are used to partially or fully display the product form of the built-in product, so that buyers can directly see the product image and the color reflects the natural beauty of the product. The advantages of plastic bottle containers make it more and more widely used, and this is also the main material to meet this requirement; I believe there will still be a greater breakthrough; Acrylic has now become an essential packaging material for high-end cosmetic packaging materials.