Better development trend for cream jars

As an important branch of cosmetics, creams have attracted much attention both in product research and product packaging. In particular, now that the cosmetics industry is highly competitive, the sales of creams, in addition to the effects of the products themselves, also account for some of the factors that affect sales. Most current cream jars are jars, hoses, or ordinary round jars. Although these cream jars have different shapes, they are still influential in sales.

Among cream products, there are early frost and night cream. Facing the convenience of traveling, they can carry fewer jars and jars. Whether cream jar manufacturers can use one jar to hold two kinds of cream products. According to the extrusion of the jar cap, but with different products?

More and more packaging industry has begun to focus on user-friendliness and convenience. If a cream jar can hold two kinds of products, it will perfectly solve the problem of carrying. In addition, manufacturers can save some money on packaging, which is the best of both worlds.

The cream jar has the market breakthrough
Cream jars are an important category of cosmetic jar packaging. However, we did not pay much attention to the truth. In fact, there are differences in the packaging of cream-based cosmetics and liquid lotions and lotions, and therefore there should be differences in design and use.

At present, the cream jars on the market mainly consist of glass and plastic. In the form of packaging, the main types are mainly the wide mouth and hose extrusion. For cream jars, the above types of packaging have their own advantages and disadvantages. Plastic hose cream jars are inexpensive and easy to carry. However, there is a defect in the hose-type cream jar because it depends on the squeeze. When there is not enough cream in the jar body, it is often difficult to squeeze and it will cause waste. For wide-mouth plastic and glass cream jars, it is very easy to use the paste in the jar because of the large jar opening. However, the disadvantage of this kind of cream jar is that it is easy for bacteria to invade and breed because the jar mouth is open. At the same time, such cream jar is not easy to carry.

For cream jar packaging, we think its market space is large. If we can improve the jar defects of these two kinds of cream jars, I believe that such packaging will be more popular.

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