Acrylic development prospects


Acrylic plastic bottles have been published these two y […]

Acrylic plastic bottles have been published these two years, and many people don't know much about them, but they have been widely used in life. When the raw materials of acrylic plastic bottles came out, the advertisements were reported. In the United States and other regions, the law has already stipulated that for children. In terms of health and other aspects, kindergarten buildings must use acrylic sheets. At the same time, PMMA materials have been widely used in fish tanks on automobiles and lamps. This is mainly because of its good safety, light texture, good sound insulation, high transparency, and resources. Reuse; At the same time, it is also used in the plastic packaging bottle industry: cosmetic packaging bottles, health care products packaging bottles; acrylic materials solve many glass products;

According to the pace of construction in all parts of the country, the street signs and telephone booths made by acrylic will also appear in large numbers. In the future, there will be more and more development space for acrylics, and it is believed that acrylic will have greater improvement in the future;

In terms of cosmetics, in order to get the same texture as a glass bottle, in the pursuit of the appearance, we must also maintain the crushing resistance for long distance transportation. Acrylic plastic bottles are used because of the appearance of glass and the characteristics of plastic. Acrylic packaging has! But the material itself still has certain defects, hey, I can't help but say this, acrylic can not be recycled, and can not be applied to food and medicinal;

We talk about perfume, perfume packaging is also a type of cosmetic plastic bottles, in order to create a perfume personality to make it stand out, many brands do not hesitate to spend a lot of money to create outer packaging, and ultimately lead to wasted resources; however, the recycling rate of perfume is not high;

China's high-end cosmetics brands can put the advantages of cosmetic plastic bottles to the maximum use, and this is also the fact that the market application is indisputable. High-end products need to be differentiated, and the requirements for packaging will be greatly improved, so plastic bottle manufacturers If you want to enter the high-end market, you must change your thinking and increase your investment in product appearance, and you will have greater development. At the same time, because the consumer consumption level is now increasing, the thinking will start to be branded, and many small brand products will be eliminated.