Application of packaging design based on product system design method


With the advent of the scientific and technological inf […]

With the advent of the scientific and technological information age, people are no longer satisfied with the material needs of products, and begin to pursue the appearance of products and increase the emotional added value of consumers. The innovative design of a product is not only reflected in a certain point of the product design, but a series of innovative designs aimed at the product itself and the product surroundings, including product shape, product packaging, product display cabinets and many other aspects. The core concepts of industrial design and packaging design are similar. Many working methods of industrial design can also be used in packaging design. The concept of product system design is deduced into packaging design to make it more suitable for modern packaging design. surroundings.


Product system design is one of the important concepts in modern product design. It is to apply systematic thoughts to product design, and guide product design with systematic methodology. Packaging design is to enhance the appearance of a product, and it is also an important part of product design research. Reasonably deducing the method of product system design into packaging design is a necessary means and method for reform and innovation in modern packaging design.

1. Product system design concept

Product system design is a method of parallelizing and integrating design products and related processes, which is to grasp the relationship between various elements as a whole, and make the product design system achieve a predetermined function through a certain structure. The product system design is designed to integrate and optimize the solution of existing problems. It requires the cooperation of human, machine, and environment. It is in cooperation with social production, lifestyle, lifestyle, and manufacturing technology, from production, use, and abandonment processes. Considering various factors in the product life cycle, and grasping the process of judging, coordinating and integrating each element.

2. Product packaging design concept

Packaging design is a combination of art and natural science, applied to product packaging protection and beautification. It is not "art" in a broad sense, nor is it simple decoration, but includes science, art, materials, economy, psychology, market, etc. The multi-functional embodiment of comprehensive elements. That is, choosing different materials and using different methods to design the container shape and the visual image of the outer packaging for the product.

3. Application of product system design process in packaging design

1. Research on product packaging design process

Traditional packaging design is based on the product itself, with the purpose of protecting product safety, focusing on product protection, and not considering enough packaging aesthetics, comfort, and emotion, and ignoring the entire system function of product packaging design. Traditional product packaging design only satisfies a certain point of product packaging tasks. From the perspective of product system design methods, product packaging is a series event and a systematic event.

2. Application of product concept design method in packaging design

Product concept design refers to the formation of a product design concept that is more in line with consumer needs and market needs based on a comprehensive survey of existing product systems. This research process is also applicable to product packaging design. Product research and design positioning play a very important role in packaging design.

Understand the research of existing products, have a general grasp of the history, classification and life cycle of the products, understand the cultural implication of the product and the added value of the product meaning, so as to fully understand the current market situation and prospects of the product, and better grasp the product The direction of the packaging.

Consumer research allows us to understand the different requirements of consumers' consumption concepts, consumer psychology, and consumer behavior. Product packaging is the first shot that triggers consumption. Good product packaging can further increase consumers' desire to buy. Understand consumer target groups, different ages, different cultural backgrounds, different sales areas, product needs and purchase desires are different, and different people have different perceptions of the same product packaging effect. Therefore, consumer research has also played an important role in product packaging design. Summarize the product types, consumer conditions, market conditions and other information involved in product packaging design from multiple aspects, and on this basis, we can objectively sort, summarize and summarize the product packaging design positioning.

At the same time, product technology research is also an indispensable part. For the product environment, any product packaging must have environmental adaptability, such as temperature, humidity, light and a series of environmental factors, which requires us to Understand the technical research corresponding to the product packaging environment during the research phase.

Not only that, Arnheim clearly put forward in the art of "Art and Visual Perception": "Visual image is never a mechanical copy of perceptual materials, but a creative grasp of reality." Therefore, packaging design also needs cultural research. Packaging design is a cultural medium, the embodiment and dissemination of product cultural characteristics, and expresses the people-oriented product packaging concept. With the trend of global economic integration, how to develop the competitive advantages of products, reflect the cultural connotation of products, and show their own unique value is also one of the key points of packaging design research.

3. Application of product design method in packaging design

Product program design includes product modeling program design, color and logo design, product structure design, product prototype production, product man-machine analysis, product material and process analysis, and product value analysis. The creative design stage of product packaging is based on market research and designing the visual image according to the positioning of the packaging. In the product packaging program design, we must also make full use of the product system design process, analyze the characteristics of the product based on the research results of the previous part of the conceptual design, design the overall modeling plan, determine the color identification of the packaging, the structural design of the packaging, and also It is necessary to fully consider the use of man-machine analysis when packaging, packaging material process analysis and so on.

The color of the cosmetic packaging, the color is enough to make people have concrete and abstract associations, so we have to consider the corresponding relationship between color and packaging. The external packaging design can reveal the inner product, so that consumers can further perceive the inner association. Products, different colors will bring different sales emotions, such as pink series, light blue series, lavender series, etc. give people warm and elegant romantic taste, dark blue series, brown series, etc. give people a deep and steady beauty . Dalica offer multi color selection for your custom cosmetic packaging solution.

Packaging structure design, product properties can be roughly divided into three types: liquid, solid, and powder. Therefore, when designing the packaging structure, we must choose a suitable packaging structure according to the properties of the product. At the same time, environmental factors of product packaging should be considered according to environmental research. For example, the packaging of fruits should consider the preservation environment, and the packaging of fragile products should consider the shock-proof environment. These are all factors to be considered. At the same time, we also need to consider the correlation between the structure of each part of the packaging, such as whether the design of the paper bag packaging and the strap can bear the weight of the product itself, and whether the hand grip is comfortable when people transport the product, and whether the size of the package is These human-machine issues such as being suitable for consumers also need to be considered.

Man-machine analysis of packaging. In packaging design, the main research object is the measurement of body parts involved in the process of design, display, transportation, and use of packaging products, as well as the response of various functions of the human body, so as to meet people's pursuit of comfort and pleasure Lifestyle. When designing, it is necessary to fully consider the various forms of product placement during delivery or sale, whether the handle conforms to the ergonomics of the handshake size, whether the consumer picks it up with one hand or both hands when viewing the product, etc. All issues need to be fully considered. At the same time, it is necessary to consider the consumer groups. The size of children and the size of adults are different. Therefore, when designing product packaging for different groups of people, they must fully consider their human and machine dimensions.

Packaging design is not only a matter of color, pattern, and structure, but also should focus on packaging materials and process issues. On the one hand, products can use the properties of materials to convey design concepts and information such as products and culture. On the other hand, the task of packaging design is to create a new concept for the outerwear of the product by changing the physical state of the product, thereby increasing the added value of the product [7]. Materials and processes determine the cost of packaging and affect the feasibility of product cost and product manufacturing.