Combining cosmetic packaging with internals values


As a product that brings beauty, cosmetics must first b […]

As a product that brings beauty, cosmetics must first be beautiful and unpredictable. In the context of upgrading consumption levels, consumers do not mind that cosmetics are more beautifully packaged. In the eyes of many 85 and 90, cosmetic packaging. The importance of conforming to your own aesthetic has been comparable to the efficacy of the product. Moreover, the current consumption channels of young people are mainly online, and the evaluation of the quality of cosmetic packaging after opening the express delivery often affects their judgment as to whether the cosmetics are genuine.

We can also see that cosmetics counters that use precious materials piled up and seem to be very high-grade cosmetics are gradually becoming less and more, and there are more and more products of “cute cold, small and fresh”. Aware of this trend, more and more brands are cooperating with famous animation IP or joining hands with popular stars to launch joint products.

Cosmetic brands are also consciously combining cosmetic packaging with internals, not just through packaging.

As the voice of protecting the environment is getting higher and higher, green eco-friendly packaging is also becoming a trend. Environmentally friendly packaging that is harmless, non-polluting, and recyclable is increasingly valued. For example, the grapefruit water source fluid packaging box of the grapefruit house can be recycled. After the muscle source fluid is taken out, the outer packaging can be used as a pen holder. Now some products are made of degradable environmentally friendly materials, which reduce the environment. Influence and protect the planet. It can be seen that external packaging is becoming a unique opportunity for cosmetic brands in the market. As mobile phones and life are not separated, mobile packaging supporting applications has left an innovative form to attract consumers. We can imagine If you use cosmetics packaging, will you be able to charge your phone directly?