Cosmetic bottles bring new closure types and functions


In the market, if we pay attention to all kinds of cont […]

In the market, if we pay attention to all kinds of container packaging, then cosmetic bottle packaging is one of the most abundant categories in terms of function and appearance. The cosmetics market determines the need for cosmetic bottle packaging in terms of appearance and functionality. Today, we will take stock of new changes, new appearances and new technologies and technologies brought by cosmetic bottle packaging to the field of container packaging.

First, cosmetic bottles bring new closure types and functions. The emulsion type cosmetic bottle introduces a squeeze type nozzle, which can well control the amount of emulsion extrusion. In the case of lotions, spray-type nozzles have been introduced. In addition, the essential oil type of cosmetic bottle uses the dropper cap. These closure forms are gradually being applied not only in the field of cosmetic bottle packaging, but also in other fields such as food and chemical bottles. Secondly, the frosting and spraying process of the cosmetic bottle.

In order to make the cosmetic bottle look novel and chic, the high-grade, glass perfume bottle uses a frosting process, and the frosting process is also beginning to be applied in the market such as wine bottles. Finally, the application of acrylic cosmetic bottles. Cosmetic bottle packaging In order to find a shatterproof and similar glass bottle appearance material, the acrylic bottle packaging was introduced. Acrylic, a special material, has gradually been applied in markets such as health care bottle packaging.

For cosmetic bottles, because of the characteristics of the market, there will be many new technologies, and these new technology applications will promote the development of other packaging technologies, which is a virtuous circle.

Net Red's influence on the market has made us understand that in the process of brand building, the attraction of users should start from their interest. For the domestic plastic bottle packaging market, it has always been far from the word brand. Now, with the rise of the Internet, plastic bottle manufacturers rely on the Internet platform to work hard, and even rely on marketing to third-party platforms. In this context, the shaping of the brand becomes even weaker.

In fact, in the lack of branded plastic bottle packaging market, it is the area that most needs to shape the brand. Only by shaping the brand can we generate higher profits in the processing market. Plastic bottle enterprises must pay attention to the diversification of means by using Internet marketing. The Internet is more than just a simple marketing channel and tool. More importantly, the Internet can help plastic bottle companies shape their brands. In recent years, the use of microblogging hot red nets is very worth learning. Through Weibo and WeChat to attract interested users to pay attention to the enterprise, behind this concern is the continuous brand building process.

For plastic bottle manufacturers, market competition is intensifying, and an effective means to enhance competition lies in the brand. Branding requires more thinking.