Cosmetic packaging development and application


The unlimited development potential of the cosmetics ma […]

The unlimited development potential of the cosmetics market allows more and more capital to enter this field. The competition in the cosmetics market is also extremely fierce. For cosmetic container packaging companies like dalica, this means huge market opportunities. However, in the current market, cosmetics companies have begun to become more and more sophisticated about the appearance and design of cosmetic containers, reaching a nearly harsh situation. Regarding the design of cosmetic containers for cosmetic packaging bottle manufacturers, more and more well-known cosmetic companies emphasize their artistic conception and artistry. Internationally renowned cosmetic companies begin cross-border cooperation and invite well-known clothing designers and artists to design. These cosmetic containers have been born From the moment of, new value and cultural connotation were given. Cosmetics can often receive media attention. It can be said that marketing opportunities have been obtained since birth. For domestic cosmetics companies, there are more design materials and space for the design of cosmetic containers. Adding more traditional cultural elements to cosmetic containers will be welcomed by domestic cosmetic consumers. The design of cosmetic packaging requires more development space and available materials.


The practical application of cosmetic packaging

In the practical application of serialization in cosmetic packaging, there are generally two cases. One is: cosmetics of the same brand and different functions are packaged in a series to facilitate the purchase of consumers, while at the same time making the overall price lower than the total price of individual purchases. price. For example, a series of cosmetics of a certain brand, maintain the overall design style, and then use a larger container to collect and package various cosmetics as a sales unit for overall sales; the second is: the same brand, the same main function, but different A series of cosmetics with auxiliary functions, or a series of cosmetics with the same brand and the same function but different formulas, are designed in series during packaging design. For example, a variety of moisturizers of a certain brand have the main functions of skin care, but different auxiliary functions. Another example is a variety of cleansers of a brand, whose functions are all cleansing, but the formulas are different. For this series of cosmetics, in packaging design, it should meet the characteristics of serialized packaging design, not only to achieve the role of serial packaging, but also conducive to consumer choice. Detailed related information: The practical application of serialization in cosmetic packaging

If you analyze affirmative and supportive emotions, you can get two concepts. One is that for the relationship, the object's perception is that it is beneficial to use, and it can be evaluated with a rational emotional attitude. The second is that the related parties give the object emotional and physiological acceptance and support, with assimilated feelings or evaluations. The former is the so-called sense of trust, and the latter is a good impression. These two parts are effective for enterprises. Like cognition, the image axis is closely related to performance in various enterprises. Therefore, it can be collectively referred to as the basic image. However, trust and goodwill are derived from the degree of cognition, so it is obvious that cognition is the priority. The emergence and purchase of sales will be determined by the degree of trust and goodwill; in society, no one is willing to buy products that they cannot trust, and no one will choose items that they do not like.