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Cosmetic plastic bottles can be said to be the customer […]

Cosmetic plastic bottles can be said to be the customer's eye, value the outer packaging, almost half of the transaction is completed, and the more refined the product to the consumer's description, the often the store sales staff is often recommended appearance More refined products, good packaging, can bring better sales performance; in the field of cosmetics, the improvement of technology, packaging development gradually highlights individualized manifestation and innovation; replacement of new technologies, new materials, safety and Convenience and so on are welcomed by the market. In order to meet the packaging requirements of different products, there are more and more choices of materials. Transparent packaging can satisfy consumers to see the contents, so consumers are increasingly demanding transparent containers. Wide, the materials that meet this requirement are also constantly sublimated. PP is also a big selling point in the past two years. The transparency and gloss, the appreciation, and the popularity are very popular. The unit price is too high. Thank you for your attention and support.

Cosmetic plastic bottles are the most complex

In fact, it is very simple. Why do you specialize in cosmetics? Because it has the highest profit in all products, and the technology and requirements are the highest. How do you say this?

1, texture requirements, so the cosmetic bottles that everyone sees are double-layered.

2, user experience, in order to do this, many brand companies will make custom-made bottles, the advantage of this point is indeed undoubted, we have said in the last few articles, it will not repeat, this It is very good for the brand.

3, in order to ensure the safety of the bottle, it is covered by film packaging and then carton packaging, so the cost will be more.

4, the details are very important, we are adhering to: product details, quality of life; service concept.

5, the design of LOGO and text layout is very demanding, because the quality of the appearance of the product and the design is directly intended to the customer's judgment of its products.

6, the product's sealing, this is particularly important, how to say it, not much explanation, do not do well, just wait for the sales to reduce.