Cosmetics bottles must follow the labeling path


Aim at the current development status of the cosmetics […]

Aim at the current development status of the cosmetics industry. Lipstick tubes have different capacity characteristics with different lengths. For a long time, the cosmetics industry has suffered from disorderly competition due to the problems of low industry barriers and serious product homogeneity. Regional brands and guerrilla brands have flooded the market, forming a situation of mixed fish and malicious competition.

There are endless skincare products on the market, and the company is more and more year after year. Rich companies spend a lot of money on TV to find stars. All the promotion costs are counted on the product. But the basic ingredients of skin care products are very similar. Every company will cover basic skin care products, and rarely have its own advantages (explanation: can overwhelm each other's favorable situation) single product category, how to survive in the industry How about building a benchmark for an industry category? In the current situation where the homogeneity of the cosmetics industry is quite serious, if it is not the advantage of the product itself, then packaging will become the biggest selling point of the product. But looking around the domestic cosmetics market, not only is the product homogenization serious, even the product packaging does not have a novel design. Put domestic cosmetics together. If you don't look at the label, you can't identify the brand at all. Labelling, packaging creativity of domestic brands is still a very serious shortcoming.

Everyone knows that the packaging of products fully reflects the sense of nobility, fun, art, nature, and time in the packaging design of such products, and launches emotional shops that make consumers feel "just what I want" , It will be easy to win customers and win the market.

To sum up, the labeling of domestic cosmetics is the key (explanation: an important part of figurative things) that needs to be put on the agenda. To solve the packaging problem, domestic products will take a big step towards the ambitious goal of going global. Therefore, the development of domestic products must be on the road to internationalization. Regarding how to get out of China and into the world, in addition to the innovative mining of raw materials and functions of our products, our efforts in marketing and promotion, and the establishment and positioning of our brand image, our domestic cosmetics brands are a must to ignore. Breakthrough point for business gain and development.