Custom processing of acrylic cosmetic bottle packaging


1. Proofing Proofing is the first process of cooperatio […]

1. Proofing

Proofing is the first process of cooperation. There are three types of proofing. One is selecting from the manufacturer's mature formula, the other is customizing the product according to customer requirements, and the third is copying proofing. Cosmetic processing manufacturers will customize formulas and proofs for customers to try according to customer requirements (such as fragrance, color, consistency, skin feel, and condition (essence, cream, lotion, gel) product effects, or price requirements). If the client finds it okay, determine the template and start the contract. Here, cosmetic processing plants have MOQ requirements for each product, and each manufacturer has different MOQ requirements.


Cosmetic processing OEM manufacturers basically pay 50% of the payment first, and then the cosmetic processing factory will carry out the production process. After the production is completed, the customer will pay the final 50% of the payment, and the manufacturer will ship to the customer. It should be explained here that the first 50% of the payment only refers to the cost of materials, excluding the cost of packaging materials, which will be paid in one lump sum.

Design packaging materials

To understand the structure of packaging materials, there are many types of packaging materials, which can be divided into bottles, bumpers, gift boxes, and outer boxes. Many customers do not understand them. Cosmetic processing factories will help customers choose the right packaging materials, and then carry out packaging materials. Design, copywriting, etc.

In addition to the above matters, pay attention to the stability and science of the formula, the authenticity and quality of the raw materials, the efficacy and product characteristics, the control of production volume and cost, the matching of color and fragrance, the consistency of samples and finished products, the packaging containers and contents Whether it is matched, tightness test, whether there are chemical reactions, especially long-term storage, pollution of product links, etc., these will help ensure the quality of processed products. However, more powerful cosmetic processing manufacturers will help customers check the above precautions.