Different colors meaning of cosmetic bottles


Plastic chemical bottle packaging is becoming more and […]

Plastic chemical bottle packaging is becoming more and more sophisticated. In the plastic bottle packaging market, chemical bottles are a relatively special field. Compared with other types of plastic bottles, the production threshold is generally not high. Due to the special nature of packaging products, chemical bottles have certain requirements for chemical capital manufacturers in all aspects of technical capital, and there are certain thresholds, which are not arbitrary. A manufacturer can enter, especially the packaging products of fluorinated bottles and barrier bottles, which have very high parameter requirements for chemical bottles. If the packaging quality is not close, once the product leakage and other problems occur, it will cause very serious consequences.


Due to the particularity of chemical bottle packaging, it is necessary to formulate strict market access standards for chemical bottle packaging products, and to carefully formulate various fields involved in chemical products. At the same time, we will establish entry barriers for manufacturers engaged in the production of chemical bottles, and strengthen product supervision and monitoring.

Plastic bottles of various cosmetics are colorful, looking refreshing, passionate, elegant, and calm. How did the colorful colors of these plastic bottles form? The first plastics did not have all kinds of colors,

The coloring agent mixed into the plastic can make the plastic have various bright and beautiful colors.

Commonly used organic dyes and inorganic pigments as colorants. The natural colors of synthetic resins are mostly white translucent or colorless and transparent.

Adding pigments to plastic materials can have more functions, but also to identify, beautify, increase strength and so on. There are several main color systems: red, orange, yellow, cyan, green, blue, and purple.

These seven colors can be used to adjust the color of plastic materials to their desired colors through colorants.

From the production of different series of plastic bottles.

The meaning of dark red represents: vitality, elegance, richness, elegance, leadership, maturity, luxury; it is also widely used in various media,

In addition to having a better vision effect, it is also used to convey a corporate image of vitality, enthusiasm, enthusiasm, warmth, and progress. The meaning of sapphire blue: a kind of blue, the color of pure sapphire, bright blue.

It is a color with extremely strong visual intrusion; sapphire blue is also called sapphire blue.

Legend has it that the prototype of the goddess of hope is a blue gem, so sapphire blue also represents hope.

The meaning of dark purple: noble, elegant, luxurious, mysterious, passionate, proud, gentle, romantic and dignified and elegant, courageous and courageous.

Its other meanings are emperor, flashy, and profane. In some European countries, purple is a symbol of dignity. Orange represents: ambition, entertainment, happiness, positive, balance, gorgeous, passionate, fanatic, generous, uplifting, bold, organic. Yellow represents: celebration, joy, vitality, optimism, happiness, idealism, summer, hope, imagination, sunshine, open-mindedness, youth. Cyan represents: emotional recovery, pleasant, rich, protective, unique, luxury.

Green stands for: natural, envious, healing, fertile, good luck, hope, stability, success, generosity. The colorful color is added to the plastic material, and the produced plastic bottle is vibrant.

Different colors represent different characteristics of different cosmetics.