How to do high-end make-up cosmetics packaging design


An effective high-end make-up cosmetic packaging design […]

An effective high-end make-up cosmetic packaging design is like a silent salesman who pushes Product into the minds of consumers, both in the consumer's subconscious mind. Lip gloss tubes have different capacity characteristics with different lengths. The capacity can be adjusted from 3ml to 360ml. For the sake of beautiful coordination, the caliber below 60ml is usually used below 35 #, the 100ml and 150ml are usually used from 35 # —45 #, and the capacity above 150ml is required With a diameter of 45 # or more. The secret to making consumption unforgettable is to find things that appeal to consumers' instincts.

As a package design, we must first understand the society, understand the business, understand the products, understand the market, understand the consumers, and have a superb ability to master colors, graphics, and text, and analyze based on the mastered data. (Analyze) to make accurate packaging design positioning. Generally speaking, packaging design positioning is achieved through three aspects: brand positioning, product positioning and consumer positioning.

1. Brand positioning

Any product has its own brand, and we want our brand to have a higher visibility. After a period of accumulation, ordinary brands will soon become well-known brands after careful planning and design. Once it becomes a well-known brand, it will bring huge benefits and good reputation to the enterprise. Therefore, a product should pay attention to brand positioning at the beginning of its listing. Brand positioning generally requires consideration of three factors:

1. Highlight the product's image color: The clear color can give people a strong visual impact, so first of all, you must choose several fixed colors that are unique to your product concept as the color combination, and become the product's image color. At any time, the image color is used steadily to achieve the purpose of clarifying their products and making them easy for consumers to remember.

2. Highlight the brand's font image: Products should generally have the brand's standard font image design to clearly highlight the brand's personality. This standard font design and image color are one of the main expressions of brand design. Now with the development of the market economy, if you want to occupy a certain market share in the fierce market competition, so that consumers can recognize it at a glance among many brands, and are willing to buy products, you must highlight your own brand Image.

3. Highlighting the graphics of the brand: Packaging design usually designs the brand graphics of the product. The brand graphics are also in line with the product concept. The graphic image can be selected from the graphic like the graphic or the abstract (abstract) graphic. The graphics must also have appropriate colors and be harmoniously matched with the image colors, which together play a promotional imagery and vivid effect.

Second, product positioning

Product positioning is not accurate. Even if the brand is big, consumers will still not buy it, so product positioning is also very important. Cosmetic packaging material is not high in hardness, it has a crisp sound when it is fragile, transparent color, and the background color is blue. It can directly contact cosmetics and food. It is usually in ordinary lotion bottles and vacuum bottles. Large-scale manufacturers of lip gloss tubes usually start with an order quantity of 10,000. Very few small manufacturers can order MOQ of 3,000 pieces per item if there are many varieties. Few customers open their own molds, and most of them are male molds. There is a deviation of ± 10% between the contract order quantity and the actual supply quantity in this industry. Product positioning can highlight the product's characteristics, performance, advantages (explanation: can overwhelm each other's favorable situation), use, efficacy, grade, etc., is the selling point of the product itself. Because of the wide variety of products, each product has its own unique place, so when designing the packaging of the product, we must consider from many aspects.

1. Product Feature Orientation: Comparisons between similar products must be different, so take this difference as a feature. Some product design expressions are not clear, and consumers are difficult to identify, so consumers in this fast-paced life have no patience to carefully select products, so only those products with clear packaging design expressions are easy to sell.

2. Product function positioning: It is to clearly tell consumers the efficacy and role of the product so that consumers can buy it.

3. Product origin positioning: Different origins have different product quality. Some production sites produce high-quality products, so the characteristics of the origin must be highlighted because the origin becomes the guarantee of quality. This method must be recognized by everyone. Only products with high local produce can be used, and local features must be highlighted.

4, product grade positioning: according to the product's functional characteristics and different target audiences, each product has a different grade, so the product packaging design is correspondingly different. For example, the packaging design of daily necessities is obviously different from the design of gift packaging, and the daily necessities themselves are different from the gifts themselves. Therefore, you should carefully analyze the relationship between the performance characteristics and the grade of the product to design the product grade The design of the packaging grade is consistent, so that the appearance is the same. Luxury packaging cannot be used to hold low-grade products, and low-grade packaging cannot be used to hold high-grade products. Such inappropriate packaging is not conducive to sales.

Consumer positioning

The target of the Product is the consumer, and the packaging design is to put a beautiful and appropriate outer garment on the product. Therefore, the consumer is the object of research between the manufacturer and the packaging designer. Only by clearly understanding the preferences and consumption characteristics of target consumers and consumer groups can consumers have a good feeling and closeness to the product. The consumer group is very complex, so many factors should be considered. Generally speaking, when designing packaging, consider the following aspects:

1. Lifestyle positioning: different cultural backgrounds, different age levels, and different occupational characteristics cause different people to have different lifestyles, different consumption psychology, consumption characteristics and consumption concepts, different people There are also different aesthetic standards and attitudes towards life, fashion, and culture, so they should be considered and clearly reflected in the design.

2. Positioning of physiological characteristics: Because consumers have different physiological characteristics, they have different needs for products. Therefore, designers should fully consider the physiological characteristics of consumers when designing such product packaging.

3. Regional positioning: Different regions have different customs and cultural characteristics, and consumers in different regions also have different consumption concepts and aesthetic standards, such as differences between cities and rural areas, differences between the interior and minority regions, and different countries and races. Therefore, packaging designers must also fully consider these factors when carrying out packaging design in order to carry out targeted design. For example, color is a more sensitive design element of different nationalities and different countries. When designing, it is necessary to analyze and study the preferences and taboos of local consumers. You cannot use the colors that people taboo, and use the colors that people love.

In short, high-end makeup cosmetics packaging design should be proficient in the above knowledge and be able to make comprehensive use and flexible use, and use their ingenuity to design excellent high-end makeup cosmetics packaging.