How to improve the suitability of cream bottles


Cream bottles are an important category in cosmetic pac […]

Cream bottles are an important category in cosmetic packaging. Almost all cosmetic bottle combination kits involve cream bottles.

Glass frost bottles, relatively speaking, are high-end in the form of packaging. Some manufacturers will consider using glass frost bottles in order to reflect the temperament of their products. However, the glass cream bottle is inconvenient to carry, and the glass cream bottle is very difficult to squeeze out during use, which is very bad in terms of user experience.


The plastic cream bottle is between the above two packaging forms, and the cost is lower than the glass bottle. In addition, the plastic cream bottle is more convenient on the cover. This solves the problem of cream extrusion to a certain extent.

Cosmetic container cream bottles are a more important category in cosmetic packaging. Various types of barrier cream, sunscreen, and other cosmetics are required to use this type of packaging. The uses of creams are also different, so should the cosmetic cream bottles be differentiated according to different uses and targeted and convenient to improve?

At present, the cream bottles on the market mainly include glass cream bottles and plastic cream tubes. The glass cream bottle has a high-grade and exquisite appearance, and the plastic cream bottle hose is mainly light and easy to use. For people to use cream cosmetics, there are actually two major uses, indoor and outdoor. Indoor refers to use at home, beauty salon and other places for makeup and beauty, outdoor refers to outdoor travel and work. Obviously, the glass cream bottle will be more suitable for indoor use, and the plastic cream bottle tube will be more suitable for outdoor use, because it is lighter and more convenient to carry.

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to skin care and beauty. The market demand for high-end cosmetics is increasing day by day. In terms of cosmetic bottle packaging, it is also increasingly high-end. Acrylic, glass and other materials are increasingly used in cream bottle packaging of cosmetics bottle manufacturers. These packages have played a great role in improving the appearance of cosmetics and brand image. This type of cream bottle generally adopts a wide-mouth form to facilitate the removal of the preparation. This also makes this type of cream bottle easy for bacteria to enter, so many cream bottles will use bottle cap gaskets. However, if you can transplant the characteristics of the tube cream bottle to the cream bottle of these materials, it will make the product packaging more perfect.