The impact of consumer psychology on packaging design


1. Color consumer psychology When cosmetics packaging m […]

1. Color consumer psychology

When cosmetics packaging materials manufacturers design skin care packaging, the first thing to pay attention to is the color of the packaging. Many brands have their own "proprietary colors" that consumers think of when they see it. Color has become an important means of producing business marketing brands. Safe skin care is the fundamental way of oriental skin care. Use green as the main color, and the main body of the package is printed with a logo with a herbal pattern, so that consumers can feel the health and comfort psychologically, and the effect of the brand is clear at a glance. In addition, color is widely used in the differentiation of series products. A skin care product is bound to have a variety of series, each series has different effects. Consumers first use visual stimulation to distinguish and find the products they really need. The hydrating products adapt to the younger basic skin care, so the packaging color is fresher, and the anti-aging products correspond to light mature muscles. Their applicable population belongs to the age of 30 years old, so the color of the packaging should be elegant and noble, in line with the user temperament. Some brands can distinguish the difference in efficacy only from the color of the package.

Visual consumption has become an important part of the consumer concept. Most of the foreign designs are very simple, even using monochrome to reduce the amount of ink used, there is no sense of over-design, environmental protection and health, which reflects their concept of nature.

2. Modeling consumer psychology

Packaging as a physical product entity must be reflected in a certain form, structure and material. The packaging design is based on the material and aesthetic function requirements of the specific product packaging, and uses certain materials, structures and technical means to create the three-dimensional appearance of the packaging. The packaging box type innovation can be carried out according to the different brand culture background and design concept.

In the process of gradually improving the skin care product market, consumers are also making progress. This requires the design to be based on the basic functions, but also to get the psychological pleasure and comfort from the psychological, which is an inevitable trend of design, and one of the basic principles of packaging design. A common point of good packaging design is that the shape is simple and classic, and the excessive force and exaggerated shape are not suitable for the current society. In general, the packaging design should follow the principles of safety during transportation, convenience in use, stability during placement, and graceful display.

3. Material consumption psychology

The choice of materials is extremely important for skin care packaging design, which affects consumers' perception and evaluation of products. People instinctively associate certain attributes, such as quality, elegance, freshness, cuteness and specific traits. The simple materials give a natural and healthy feeling, the crystal clear glass has a refreshing feeling, and the ceramics are delicate and delicate feel.Acrylic is also widely used and perform well in cosmetic packaging.

Many medium and high-end brands choose glass as the carrier of the product, because the glass has the characteristics of not easy to be deformed and sealed, and the texture is more smooth and flexible.

The packaging technology of plastic materials is also advancing, new forms are emerging one after another, and even corresponding shapes can be made according to products. The advantages of plastics are that they are not brittle and light to carry. For example, the Sisley soothing mask, with the hose as the carrier, attached to the text and logo, the design is simple but not simple, consumers who pursue quality life often like this type of packaging. It is not difficult to see from these high-end brand products that today's aesthetics have tended to be environmentally friendly and simple, and to avoid the exaggerated and extravagant style. It can be seen that the product form has different perception effects such as texture, color, texture and weight exhibited by the material, and will influence the consumer's judgment on the function of the product.

4. Consumerism of words and trademarks

Exquisite text design can help consumers better understand the details of the product's use, composition, usage, etc., especially for some new products, clear text information can help product promotion, and text style design is also very important. Fonts that match the brand's features can add extra points to the product packaging. The most important aspect of the packaging surface is the trademark. In the era when the brand has everything, the trademark helps consumers to better identify the reliability of the product. The unique design of the trademark has a good cultural interpretation of the brand and can be used in a very short time. The accurate conveyance of product information can also bring a visual feast to consumers.