Magical use of used cosmetic bottles


First. When the bottle containing the essence is used u […]

First. When the bottle containing the essence is used up, it can be used as a vase, and the blue one will look more beautiful! And green dill is a particularly good plant to feed, as long as there is water, it can grow well, and it can also purify the indoor space! Put it in the most conspicuous place, and purify the air if it is not beautiful!

Generally, the bottle mouths of our skin care products are very small, so we need to insert too many, just simply insert three or four strains! Choose a shorter one, it looks great! This kind of bottle is especially beautiful. I thought about it for a long time, and I felt that it was a pity to throw it.

Second. Tourism bottled

Some small bottles with delicate shapes and regular shapes are suitable for travel packaging. Eye cream bottles can be used to pack cosmetics such as aloe vera gel, hand cream, and body milk. It is very convenient to carry them when you go out

Three. bottles of washing powder and hand sanitizer

Slightly larger bottles can be used for washing powder, 400ml bottles can be filled a lot; In addition, some lotion bottles can also be used for hand sanitizer, both small and beautiful.

Four. packs of essential oils

The essence bottle with acrylic dropper can be used to hold essential oils, and the design of the dropper is also suitable for the use of essential oils. .

Five.DIY wall hangings

1. Remove the bottom of the cream bottle and cut the middle bottle into circles.

2. Apply glue to the plastic ring in the above step, and then wrap it with colored wool to make bright petals.

Put these petals on the outside of the disc with glue.

3. Use bright beads or half beads to affix them to each petal.

4, some plastic circles, wrapped in wool on its surface, and then stuck with rhinestones, and then stuck to the middle of the disc

5. Beaded pendants made of wool and beads are hung on the bottom of the disc, and the hanging wool is glued tightly with hot melt adhesive.

6. Flip to the back of the disc and stick the lanyard. Finally, on the front, where you think you need embellishment, decorate with semi-beads or sequins, and you're done.

More useful

It is small in size, light in weight and easy to seal. After washing, it can be stored in a dry place. If you need skin care products when you go out, you can pack some of them, so you don't need to bring a bunch of big bottles. The cream or eye cream box can later be used as a water mask. I also like to leave a handy spray bottle for later use. Of course, you can also use the bottle as a decoration. But you have to keep in mind that if you want to use those bottles for skin care products, you must wash them first, rinse them with boiling water or distilled water, and then dry them.