Make-up packaging talk


The “fashion” and “culturality” of make-up are usually […]

The “fashion” and “culturality” of make-up are usually what we call taste. So how does the taste of makeup? In addition to product advertising and product counter display, packaging is an important aspect of taste. Decent packaging can not only directly stimulate the consumer's senses, but also reflect the brand's taste. Make-up is increasingly becoming an indispensable item in people's daily life. While beautifying people's lives, make-up also forms a consumer necessities that contain huge business opportunities and cannot be ignored. A variety of skin care concepts emerge in an endless stream, and the various brands of makeup are dazzling and dazzling. Many products are not only selling effects, but also selling fashion and culture.

People react to color the fastest, and the power of color may depend on how to reconcile the color contrast, making it very eye-catching on the counter, soft and not glaring after buying it home. When the consumer is stopped by the advertisement to the makeup display rack, if the outer packaging of the product itself or its terminal image cannot attract interest, then the packaging design fails. From the perspective of consumer psychology, it is first necessary to attract the attention of consumers, which in turn can cause consumers to purchase. Therefore, different packaging design strategies should be selected based on the target consumer group of product positioning.

Second, the packaging marketing strategy commonly used by makeup companies.

First, the variety of make-up bottles.

Nowadays, the interior and exterior packaging of perfumes are becoming more and more stressful. The domestic perfume packaging has changed the situation of the old-fashioned glass bottle packaging, and a large number of alloy vials are used and durable nozzles are provided. Men's perfume bottles are designed with a combination of square and round, and sandblasted surface treatment to fully express the male's resoluteness, roughness, solemnity and gentle temperament. In particular, many foreign high-end perfumes imported from France and Japan, glass bottles or alloy packaging are very particular, just like a small and exquisite artwork, a variety of styles, the surface of the bottle is formed into a variety of three-dimensional patterns, very beautiful.

Second, the series of packaging.

The same kind of products or brands produced by the company use the same pattern and color to remind customers that this is the brand's family. This type of packaging is currently very common.

Third, combined packaging.

That is, the products for related purposes are concentrated in one large package or bag and sold at the same time. For example, many functional product sets include cleansing lotion, massage cream, mask, nutrient water, nutrient cream, etc., which has the advantage of facilitating the purchase of customers and being more affordable than buying a single product.

Fourth, multi-purpose packaging. That is, after the product is used up, its packaging does not need to be discarded, and it is used for other purposes. For example, several toothbrushes are placed on the toothbrush holder, soap is placed in the soap box, and the toothbrush holder and soap box can be reused. At present, the more commonly used are the package of gift, the packaging, the positioning and packaging.