New usage of lotion bottle


New usage of lotion bottle  In fact, the emulsion is no […]

New usage of lotion bottle
 In fact, the emulsion is not simple, what is it?
To understand the efficacy, first come to know about the emulsion. It is a fluid-based skin care product that is not as thick and thick as a face cream or as thin as a lotion, so it can be used all year round. It is characterized by high water content, but also contains oil, can form a light and breathable protective film on the skin surface to prevent moisture loss. Emulsion itself contains oil can soften the skin horny, and then with the lotion can play wet horny, conditioning muscle water and oil balance, and in the further provide nutrients, but also improve the absorption of follow-up skin care products.
Super new usage of ordinary lotions
1. Pay attention to the sequence
Do not think that the lotion is just a matter of casually touching the face, especially in the dry winter, where it should be the most dry first. Usually should be cheeks - mouth - forehead - squat, and then apply the whole face, a little massage, so that the dry parts can be double moisture, where oil will not be "nutrition excess" and become more oil. When painted, pay attention to the use of the power of the pulp in the face from the center to do a light push until completely absorbed by the skin.
2. Use another emulsion
The general skin care procedures are "first water after milk," and it will be special in the winter. To use emulsions in this order of “pre-milk after water” is to use emulsion as a “bottom base fluid” to do a “bottoming” job for the skin. First, apply a cotton pad with a lotion and gently massage with a circular motion on the cleansed face so that the skin's stratum corneum is softened and opened. Then use a highly functional lotion. However, it should be noted that this method is not suitable if there is a barrier to deep penetration in the emulsion.
3. Emergency makeup remover
Because the emulsion contains moderate amounts of water and oil, it can sometimes be used as an emergency makeup remover. As with the concept of using cleansing oil, it is necessary to “fully emulsify” before cleansing, squeeze enough lotion (that is, the hand is smooth on the face and does not feel pulling), and then use the general face massage for 1 minute before use. Cleanser can be cleaned twice. However, this method is a replacement program that does not have an early stage of cleansing oil. On weekdays, it is still necessary to use make-up remover oil to do a good job of cleansing to keep the skin clean and to really make the skin healthier.