Pay attention to during the use of acrylic bottles


First: Avoid sharp objects scratching the bottle surfac […]

First: Avoid sharp objects scratching the bottle surface. Its surface requirements are very high, please pay attention.

Second: Avoid contacting the bottle with solvents that can cause corrosion, and avoid bottle revenue in the application.

Third: When using acrylic bottles, pay attention to avoiding the product heating itself, mainly because the acrylic resin material used in this bottle has the property of deforming after heating above 100 ° C, which means that if this kind of Higher temperatures, especially when the contact temperature reaches over 100 degrees Celsius, will inevitably deform and cause the structure of the bottle to change.

Therefore, in order to ensure that the bottle structure is stable and can always be used normally, everyone is required not to place the bottle in a high temperature environment during the application, and to ensure that the ambient temperature is below 80 ° C, and to avoid the bottle contacting the construction project during use Welding sparks, cigarette butts, or illumination lights, especially spotlights when taking photos or videos, may cause deformation of acrylic bottles due to the high temperature brought by these objects.