Pay attention to when using acrylic cream bottles


Nowadays, the bottle of skin care cream we often use is […]

Nowadays, the bottle of skin care cream we often use is an acrylic bottle. This bottle has good comprehensive mechanical properties and a long service life. Compared with the time of use of cream bottles made of other materials, Life expectancy is more than 3 years. But the acrylic cream bottle is a beautifully-looking bottle. If you don't pay attention to it during use, it will easily affect its appearance. This article will introduce the problems that need to be paid attention to when using acrylic cream bottles.

First, avoid scratching

Acrylic cream bottle can have a good appearance by virtue of its high transparency, soft light, good color effect, etc. The exquisite appearance can attract more customers, so people must pay attention to avoid scratching during use. damaged. It is necessary to take care of it, not to use external impact, and not to use a long nail poke, thus ensuring the delicate appearance of the skin care cream bottle.

Second, avoid solvent corrosion

When the surface of the acrylic cream bottle is corroded by the solvent, cracking may occur, especially with a large amount of aromatic hydrocarbon-based solvents containing formaldehyde, various quick-drying diluents, esters such as acetic acid, acetone, etc. Ketone solvents, which are cracked, sometimes cause large cracks.

Third, avoid heating

Acrylic cream bottles are usually used at room temperature. They cannot be placed in high temperature because the acrylic material is deformed when heated above 100 °C. In order to protect the normal use of the product, it cannot be used. Place in an environment above 80 °C.

Acrylic cream bottle as a packaging product, the tool for installing cream products, in the case of manufacturers have many requirements for such products, it can still be favored by many manufacturers, mainly because it can be used by the following applications , fully meet the manufacturer's cream product packaging needs:

Application role 1: device cream products. Cream products are products between liquid and solid. They cannot be placed and used directly. They must be equipped with certain tools to facilitate control of specifications, sales and user carrying. In addition, cream products usually need to be in direct contact with human skin, so there is a high demand for the safety of the product itself and the health of the packaging materials. The second acrylic cream bottle is a kind of healthy material, which is convenient to make cream bottles of different shapes and sizes, which can be used to install various cream products.

Application role 2: decorative cream products. Thanks to the crystal-clear transparency of the acrylic cream bottle, it can show soft light and clear vision with high light transmittance, and it can show very good color development effect when dyeing. With a beautiful appearance, it plays a very good decorative role in the installation of cream products.

The device cream product and the decorative cream product are the functions that the acrylic cream bottle can play in the application, so as to fully meet the various requirements of the manufacturer's package cream product.