Press-type cosmetics are much more safe


The cosmetics industry is an area of creativity. The pa […]

The cosmetics industry is an area of creativity. The packaging of various products is becoming more and more beautiful and sophisticated. They even directly affect the judgments made by many women when purchasing cosmetics.

However, the exquisite packaging is not just to make the product look better. Cosmetics act directly on the skin, so whether it is scientifically preserved and used is closely related to skin health. In this production process, the packaging form of cosmetics is an important factor to ensure the safety and effectiveness of its intrinsic products. From the development trend of international cosmetic packaging style, pump packaging is still the safest way.

Pump packaging means that the bottle is completely enclosed and the bottle mouth is packaged in a push-type design.

Cosmetic packaging material manufacturers This form allows users to freely control the amount of cosmetics used, to minimize the contact between the cosmetics and the outside air, thus effectively reducing the loss of nutrients and bacterial growth.

At present, domestic pump packaging is mainly used for higher-grade cosmetics. Any liquid cosmetic, emulsion or creamy cosmetic which is easy to volatilize and which needs to avoid contact with external sunlight or air, or contains organic solvent, is used in such a packaging form to ensure its safety performance. Among pump-packaged products, pump-type metal bottles have the best preservation effect. The coating in the metal bottle forms an effective barrier to oxygen and ultraviolet light, which can effectively extend the storage period.

In addition, cosmetics that require directional and quantitative access, such as mousses, hair gels, etc., are also widely used in this form of packaging, but such pump packages are slightly different. They carry a certain amount of air pressure and are called pump spray packages. For safety reasons, the pump spray package should not be placed in a place with a high temperature and a high air pressure, otherwise it may cause an explosion and injury.