Principles for selecting cosmetic packaging materials


1 Reasonable selection of materials The first considera […]

1 Reasonable selection of materials

The first consideration for the development of new packaging materials is the selection of materials. The selection principle of materials has the following points:

1.1 It is from the finished material of the packaging material itself, whether the loaded raw materials will interact with the plastic material of the packaging material.

1.2 From the market demand, the market demand can be divided into medium, high and low three-package to make a reasonable choice.

1.3 The function of the packaging material itself, such as the sealing function, the soft rubber is selected according to the situation of the company. The same packaging material can meet the design requirements. Sometimes the price is different, but which one is chosen. It depends on the company's own situation. Sometimes it is not necessarily the cheapest, but it is important to communicate with suppliers. This is very important.

2 choose a reasonable structure

The structural development of the packaging material is not to say that the more complex the better, on the contrary, the structure is as simple as possible to meet the requirements of various functions. The structure is simple, the mold is simple, the assembly is simple, and fewer problems occur.

3 Simplify the mold structure

The development of the packaging material structure must be designed under the conditions that can meet the mold opening. It is very important to understand the structure of the mold and the way of molding. Do not design for a long time, can not open the mold, then it is awkward.

It can open the mold and simplify the mold structure. Simplify the principle and minimize the undercut.

4 Control the cost of packaging materials

This is also the core part of the whole package. The cost determines the company's profit, which is for the pure plastic packaging plant.

4.1 Selection of materials should be based on low-cost materials, on the basis of the same conditions.

4.2 Reduce the number of accessories in order to meet the appearance requirements.

4.3 Simplify the product structure and make every structure useful. This also saves the cost of the mold.

4.4 The packaging materials should be selected in a reasonable manner.

4.6 According to the appearance requirements, choose a reasonable, high-suburban, low-cost surface treatment method, such as whether the suburban fruit can be treated directly on the surface of the mold.

4.7 There must be a set of standard controls on the development of new packaging materials to prevent unnecessary mistakes, so as not to delay the delivery period.

4.8 Under the conditions allowed, try to use the mature products of the city to cooperate with the development. For example, the selection of universal tooth products and preform products in the market is a great help to reduce the cost and development progress of the whole package products.