Production process of cosmetic container and use of spray bottle


The extrusion blowing process for the production of cos […]

The extrusion blowing process for the production of cosmetic containers, that is, the plastic raw materials are added to the extruder, heated and melted to plasticize the molten parison, and then placed in the bottle mold for inflation molding. After getting the finished product.

This process is mainly used to produce polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride plastic bottles. Spray bottles are mainly used in pharmaceutical bottles, cosmetic containers and chemical bottle packaging markets. Through the control technology of spray nozzles on sprays, it is possible to grasp the dosage level well.

Environmentally friendly and practical spray bottle equipment: it consists of a sturdy bottle body and a replaceable bottle bottom. The new bag-in-bottle technology and the common airless spray structure replace the bottle with a separate, but airless squeeze out which must be manually inserted into the bottle.

As a form of using water, spray is mainly suitable for rushing to replenish water. For example, in a very dry environment (desert, or air-conditioned room), or in regular makeup, the makeup artist may use a spray because the face is not easy to apply makeup, or spray the spray on the sponge to reach the powder , The purpose of powdering. The manufacturing principle of the spray bottle is to form a high-pressure system in the bottle, and the liquid in the bottle is ejected in the form of very fine water particles with a higher pressure drop. Because these sprayed water particles are very similar to the effect and shape of natural mist, this kind of bottle is called a spray bottle.


Spray plastic bottles have their own special uses. In simple terms, they have the following uses:

The first is in cosmetic packaging, spray plastic bottles are mainly used to pack lotion, etc., can be evenly sprayed on the face.

The second is medical packaging. The spray plastic bottle can be used for oral medicine spraying and can be used for spraying on the skin surface, which can make the medicine more evenly sprayed. The third is spray plastic bottles used for gardening flowers and plants, etc. In general, the use of spray plastic bottle packaging is very wide.

However, spray plastic bottle packaging mainly depends on the nozzle. The price of the spray head is often relatively high, and the quality of the spray head will directly affect the effect of the spray plastic bottle packaging. Therefore, it is very necessary to strengthen and improve the quality of the nozzle