Quickly judge the strength of cosmetics packaging materials suppliers


We have seen that there are many purchase channels for […]

We have seen that there are many purchase channels for cosmetics in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, and tariffs can't stop the booming of foreign trade. Foreign trade consumption has even occupied a large proportion of the consumer market. From this point of view, the domestic cosmetics market is already in the stage of becoming internationalized or gradually integrated with internationalization. The global village cosmetics market is just around the corner.

But we must also realize that the more closed, the more serious the homogenization will be. How to create a unique approach has become one of the problems that cosmetic brands are scratching their heads. However, in recent years, the brains of some brands have exceeded your imagination. For example, the reform of lotion and cream is a big proposition. Wouldn't it be better to start with hose packaging? This novel and unique thinking may be more able to take the lead in the market.

A long-term battle is sure to be a good friend, but how to choose a cosmetic packaging material supplier? Or how to judge whether the cosmetics packaging material supplier has research and development capabilities? I believe this is a problem that many cosmetic packaging materials buyers and brand developers are very concerned about.

1. More patented products

The plot of the industry has seen a lot of things: homogenized products are ultimately self-contained, painting the ground, and blindly relying on imitation, and will not go far. Therefore, strong and stable suppliers of cosmetic packaging materials should have their own patented products.

2, the product style is more

In the "Internet +" era, who can develop more product styles does not necessarily occupy the leading position, but at least it shows that the company's vitality is strong, and the channels and customers are doing very well.

3, more molds

If the cosmetic packaging material supplier can only have several ordinary molds, it means that the supplier has insufficient innovation ability and cannot respond to changes in the market mechanism in time; secondly, the supplier's funds are insufficient, and after the cooperation, the follow-up will be weak. The speed and quality of delivery will also be difficult to guarantee. High-quality suppliers invest a lot of research and development and mold capital every year. At the same time, they also go deep into the market to do research and development. Which product is newly listed and which product is well received will be discussed one by one, one will collect data for their own research and development, and the other will try to give the brand the most sincere advice.