Requirements for acrylic bottle design


Cosmetic containers acrylic packaging bottles have good […]

Cosmetic containers acrylic packaging bottles have good transparency, light transmittance of over 92%, good anti-aging properties, and can also be used outdoors. Acrylic packaging bottles have many varieties, rich colors, and extremely excellent comprehensive properties, providing designers with multiple choices. , Can be dyed, the surface can be painted, screen or vacuum coating.

Generally speaking, when designing acrylic bottles, cosmetic packaging manufacturers will not only design patterns, but also some text, because as packaging bottles, certain text is needed to explain the product. Therefore, whether in order to give full play to the role of words or to consider the quality and visual effects of packaging bottles, enterprises are required to ensure that the handwriting on the packaging bottles meet the following three requirements:

The basic requirements for the text printed by cosmetic packaging materials manufacturers on any plane are clear, because only when the text is clear enough can people clearly see the text and reflect the role of the text. Therefore, when writing cosmetic containers for acrylic plastic bottles, the first requirement to be met is clarity.

In order to ensure that the text on the acrylic bottle can be easily read by people and ensure that the entire packaging bottle has a beautiful appearance, and not because the presence of the text affects the beautiful appearance, companies are required to ensure that the writing on the packaging bottle meets the neat requirements. Especially when there are many words, we must optimize the design and processing to ensure that all our handwriting is very neat.

In the practical application of cosmetic packaging bottle manufacturers, the main benefit that acrylic bottles can bring is that they can provide designers with a variety of choices. Designers can use more innovative thinking to design and make acrylic packaging bottles have a larger market. Competitiveness so that it can stand out from many competitors.