Requirements for various acrylic cosmetic products


Cosmetic packaging bottles are high-standard products, […]

Cosmetic packaging bottles are high-standard products, which have very special requirements on the environment and accuracy.

1 Acrylic cosmetic bottle: The bottle body is complete, stable, straight, smooth, and the thickness is almost uniform. The mouth of the bottle is straight and smooth, and there should be no burrs (burrs), and the matching structure of the threads is intact and straight. The inside and outside of the bottle are clean.

2 Acrylic cosmetic bottles and caps cooperate tightly without slipping, loosening or leaking.

Lid: Inner lid: complete, smooth without deformation, clean, free of dust, oil, etc .; cooperates well with bottles and outer lids, and must not be leaked.

3 Acrylic cover: straight, smooth, no cracks, cracks, burrs (burrs) and bursting phenomenon, uniform color, no color migration, consistent with the standard sample; thread and other matching structures are intact; those with anodized aluminum or bronzing should be uniform Complete, color and consistency with standard samples. The flip-type cover can be flipped flexibly. The cap and the bottle are tightly matched without slipping, loosening, and leakage.

4 Acrylic hose: The tube body is smooth, tidy, uniform thickness, no obvious scratches, and the color is consistent with the standard sample. The seal must be firm and free from openings and wrinkles. Cover the same requirements as above.

5 Acrylic box: The surface of the box is smooth and straight. There should be no obvious scratches or burrs on the bottom. The color is uniform, which is consistent with the standard sample. The opening is tight and suitable to meet the test requirements. Inside the box, the mirror surface, the contents and the box are firmly bonded, and the mirror surface has a good image. No exposed bottom scratches and breakage.

6 Acrylic spray tank: the tank is flat, without rust spots, the weld is smooth, the main parts are not significantly scratched, and the color is uniform, which is consistent with the standard sample. The roll mouth is smooth without cracks and deformation. Cover the same requirements as above.

7 Acrylic ingot tube: The tube body is straight and smooth, without obvious scratches, uniform color and luster, which is consistent with the standard sample. The tube body is suitable for tightness, and the paste should be properly rotated out or pushed out.

8 Manufacturer's trademark, instruction manual, box head sticker and certificate of conformity: The printed trademark should have a correct pattern, clear color, clear and firm handwriting.

The manufacturer's trademark should be affixed firmly, and should not be skewed, missed, reversed, or wrongly pasted.

9 The print on the box head (sticker) is clear.

10 Acrylic cosmetic bottle certificate is printed with clear handwriting and pattern, and is marked with factory name and inspector code.

11 Tightness test of acrylic box products. The tolerance range of bottled product capacity is specified. Acrylic samples can not be peeled off by fingers forcibly, pinch the edge of the lid, and the bottom does not fall for the test to pass.