Simple and warm cosmetic packaging design is the trend


Simple and warm cosmetic packaging design, no need for […]

Simple and warm cosmetic packaging design, no need for complicated design elements, simple and elegant, simple and comfortable design style, is the real meaning of simplicity. Simplicity is not equal to simplicity, not blind reduction, but no unnecessary modification, giving consumers a natural feeling.

Nowadays, the simple packaging design style is the trend of the times. People think that simple packaging also has a simple aesthetic. This natural, simple and thoughtful packaging design is a new design concept.

As a visual element of cosmetic packaging design, text requires not only accurate information about the product, but also a visual aesthetic. It is understood that many companies compete for the market and achieve the purpose of selling products. Make a fuss about product packaging. The phenomenon of excessive packaging of cosmetics is very serious. Packaging costs far exceed product costs. Some packages are bronzing and hot silver in the design process of the title text, and some even use various expensive metal materials to make the title text, resulting in huge waste of resources.

Simple cosmetic packaging advocates the readability, simplicity and economy of text design, opposes excessive decoration, and advocates the design concept of green environmental protection. In fact, the simple text design not only has a simple aesthetic, but also can improve the quality of the product. On the contrary, excessive decoration of the text (material waste of resources) will not only reduce the grade of the product, but also give people a low level of vulgarity, and at the same time will cause printing costs and waste of resources.

In Japan, many of the packaging use simple text, elegant appearance, using traditional Chinese calligraphy to express, the text is simple and generous, without any modification, and the overall design style is harmonious and unified, with a strong national atmosphere.

Secondly, in the graphics of packaging design, the simple design of packaging graphics mostly uses visual images such as induction, imagery and abstraction. Through figurative, symbolic, exaggerated and other expression techniques to highlight the characteristics of goods, giving people a simple and bright visual experience, in the packaging design, the product is usually expressed as "figurative graphics and abstract graphics." Graphics visually symbolize product content to cause a consumer's visual response. "Representational graphics" is usually expressed in photo photography and realistic painting techniques. The "three figurative" performance of the packaging is that the packaging designer refines and summarizes the graphics to make it not only simple but also has a strong visual tension.