The choice of color in cosmetic packaging materials


When people look at cosmetic packaging materials, what […]

When people look at cosmetic packaging materials, what will be the first to introduce them? Wrapper text, graphic design or packaging material style? In fact, it is not! Some psychologists have studied the characteristics of people observing things, and found that in the first 20 seconds, color accounts for 80% of people's attention, and other physical features only account for 20%. In other words, people's first impression of cosmetics is more Mostly determined by color.

Color, not only as an information identification mark on cosmetic packaging, but also bears the aesthetic function and can affect people's psychology. The different colors convey different emotional and cultural meanings. The warm color with high purity gives people a sense of visual expansion, while the dark and cool color system is just the opposite. Therefore, according to the characteristics of the product, the color that matches it can make the product more popular with consumers. Here are some of the colors commonly used in several cosmetic packaging materials:

1 red

In addition to giving people a warm feeling, red also makes people easily think of blood, so it often symbolizes life, meaning vitality and vitality. It is also the most eye-catching color. In China, red has always been an auspicious representative. Every time a celebration or a happy event, red is always indispensable. Women are very fond of red, especially in cosmetics. The products such as lipstick and blush also contain red with different purity and brightness. Young women like the more pink color, giving a sweet and well-behaved image. The high red is the first choice for mature or light mature women, and can show a sexy and feminine side.

2 yellow

The yellow and orange series have bright brightness and high purity, which can give people a feeling of peace, gentleness, and liveliness. Therefore, the use of this color can make the cosmetic packaging material more affinitive.

3 blue

Blue is the color of the sky and the sea, giving people a fresh, calm, rational, safe and trustworthy feeling. Some cosmetics developed with higher technology or innovative technology are designed in blue. In addition, blue is also easy to associate with water, hydrating skin care products can be considered in the blue system, not only to convey the hydrating effect of the product, but also to make women hydrating.

4 green

Green is the color of plants, representing nature as well as life and hope. Many people pursue the beauty of health and nature. Therefore, cosmetics are often used as the main theme of design, especially those products containing plant formulas, which not only effectively convey product information, but also give people a natural aesthetic feeling.

5 purple

Purple is a rare color in nature, symbolizing noble, elegant, mysterious, and gorgeous personality. Purple is also the most feminine temperament, so for the design of women's cosmetics and perfume packaging, purple is a more common color system.

6 gold series

The golden system is mostly used in the design of high-end cosmetic packaging materials for mature women, also known as “metal color”, which mainly refers to the relationship between gold and silver, also known as “gloss color”. The gold and silver are extremely noble and gorgeous colors, the gold is warmer and the silver is colder; the golden color is gorgeous and the silver is elegant, giving a sense of grandeur and symbolizing power and wealth. All colors can be paired with the gold and add to the glory.

7 white

White is a symbol of purity and sacredness for women. Women's pursuit of fair and translucent skin can be described as tireless, and the so-called "one white cover ugly", so for whitening cosmetics, white will be its preferred color system.