The innovative direction of cosmetics packaging materials manufacturers


First, innovation in the research and development of co […]

First, innovation in the research and development of cosmetics processing formula:

Cosmetic processing formula is an important basis for product production. Without a good formula, it is difficult to build a good product. General cosmetics OEMs will have their own R&D team and exclusive R&D labs. The general formulation innovations are reflected in the following three points: formulation system innovation, raw material innovation, and process innovation.

Second, the innovation of the shape of cosmetics and finished products:

In addition to solids, cosmetics also have water creams and powders. Frequent cleansing products, in addition to the commonly used facial cleanser, actually have cleansing foam, cleansing mask and so on. Products with the same functional use produce different shapes through changes in the cosmetic processing technology.

Third, the innovation of the use of cosmetics and processed products

The use of the same functional use of cosmetics is also different. Some make-up removers need to be cleaned with water after use, while some make-up removers are used for quick makeup removal, cleaned with a touch, and do not need to be cleaned again.

Fourth, cosmetics packaging materials must be innovative

The innovation of cosmetic packaging materials is in the packaging design, and the unique design style can make the brand more attractive to consumers. The other is the material, such as bottled cosmetics, the material is ordinary plastic bottles, glass bottles and so on. Packaging of design and materials used in the processing of cosmetics is also important.