The relationship between cosmetics design and brand strategy


Each company will be dominated by production and OEM du […]

Each company will be dominated by production and OEM during the creation period. Through this brand promotion model, it will first accumulate certain funds and experience, and will continue to develop further after stabilizing the business volume. That is to say, the product packaging design, VI design, and then brand promotion work.

When the company begins to enter the business stable period and has certain funds on hand, only its own trademark can only be regarded as a ticket. It has the qualification to enter the market, but it does not mean that it has market competitiveness. At this stage, the focus of the company is how to make the brand have a market impression. It requires a certain investment in brand planning and promotion, and allows the brand to gain a foothold in a certain region or region.

Packaging plays an important role in the sales of local specialty products, especially in the store terminal with the "eye-catching" effect of packaging will make the product stand out and become the object of consumer concern. Therefore, to create a packaging design system that suits its own characteristics, and ultimately form a strong visual appeal and sales force in the terminal that comes into contact with consumers. Inspire consumers' attention and directly stimulate consumers' impulse to buy.

In the practice of packaging design, special attention should be paid to the relationship between packaging design and brand planning. It is impossible to completely separate planning and packaging design. Going deep into the market and deepening the minds of consumers can only be based on evidence, so as to avoid the situation of closed doors and cars. At the same time, we can also think about the brand positioning of the service company and the core appeal of the brand. After this main line is determined, it also has a clear direction.

Therefore, brand planning and packaging design are interdependent. “Good packaging is advertising, good advertising is good marketing transformation.” SMEs can form “eyeball attraction” to consumers by relying on good packaging, and realize packaging and sales. purpose. Therefore, on the basis of the packaging design of FMCG, brand planning should be carried out, emphasizing the overall pattern of the brand, and promoting the follow-up of the brand of the company as a guide.