What are the techniques for placing cosmetic bottles in place?


After purchasing the cosmetic packaging box, people can […]

After purchasing the cosmetic packaging box, people can add cosmetics to it by a certain process. After the filling, after packaging and packaging, the cosmetics are put into the major markets for sale. In fact, the cosmetics we put on the counters of the malls have certain placement skills, and the reasonable placement can give people a comfortable feeling. This article will introduce the skills of cosmetic bottles when placed.

First, put the left pendulum

For the purchase of cosmetics, we must thoroughly understand the consumer's shopping habits. In general, people are mostly visually conscious of the process from left to right, browsing the in-store cosmetics in a counterclockwise direction. In order to impress customers, you can put the delicate cosmetic packaging bottle with cosmetics on the left side and put the high-profit cosmetics on the right side to maximize the benefits.

Second, relatively fixed, appropriate changes

When the cosmetic bottle in the cosmetics store is placed on the counter, the bottle inside can be used in a relatively fixed mode, because for the old customer, he will habitually go to the fixed position when purchasing the cosmetics, but its position. It is also not necessary to make appropriate changes, which can lead to the sale of other products in the store.

Third, in line with the aesthetic of space

In the cosmetics store shopping guide, in addition to sticking to the principle of promoting the maximum sales performance of the product when placing cosmetic packaging bottles containing cosmetics, the placement of the cosmetics store must conform to the aesthetics of the space. Cosmetic bottles should be neatly placed, the same product can be put together, or the set of products can be put together, which can promote joint sales. Look at the top and bottom to look comfortable, in short, can not give customers a messy vision.