What causes the domestic cosmetics packaging companies lack competitiveness


When you don't have the power and resources to control […]

When you don't have the power and resources to control the absolute market monopoly in the industry, you can only enter the completely open jungle market. When your company does not have the energy tools of the Eternal Sword Dragon Sword in the market, it can only The user of the market is embarrassed and accepts the baptism of the price war. And this is the current status of the cosmetics packaging materials market, the front of the war rumble, everyone bloody price war. What is the situation that causes this phenomenon to exist, leading to a lack of market competitiveness in cosmetic packaging materials factories?

At present, the so-called product innovation in the domestic cosmetics market, the majority of its processes are like this: the boss personally buys a hand, go to foreign first-line brand conferences, exhibitions and other channels to take photos to buy finished products, return to the country to convene technical staff deconstruction that night, and then all departments are dispatched, Formulation manufacturing, packaging design, market planning, product launch. Chinese cosmetics brands are currently in the stage of chaotic growth, growing in micro-innovation and imitation. In particular, some market followers have plagiarized the international first-line brand and ate the long tail market. What is more sad is that more than 80% of the so-called innovations in China are plagiarism and pseudo-innovation. As an upstream cosmetics packaging material company for the brand, you are not allowed to have great innovation in product styling. It can only imitate people's brands. What you have is cost-effective, and there is delivery speed, speed, or speed. !

Throughout the current startups in the cosmetics packaging industry, most of them are the core backbone of the former company, the technology to pull out the business, the business to find a technology partner, the two sides set up a factory, due to the improvement of the manufacturing chain, most of the process outsourcing, Then we made a product, entered the market at a low price, and carried out market scrutiny with the old club. After obtaining the user's order, we had survival and development, and recruited people to expand the plant. After a while, the company has a core team member to crack out and create a small innovative factory. The departure of the core backbone has caused many bosses to no longer trust employees and no longer focus on cultivating employees, which leads to the breakup of enterprise talents, the lack of accumulation and continuation of experience, and the lack of innovative genes.

The development of new technologies and new materials is a long-term strategic project. As a private manufacturing enterprise, it is difficult to bear the cost and time. As a professional education and research and development institution, due to the industrialization of education, the professor is businessman-oriented, resulting in the lack of ingenuity of researchers. Lack of patience, the matching between R&D results and market penetration is also a problem. Even if the matching is completed, how to connect with the market, the construction and connection of the industry-university-research platform is lacking in the market. This is why many new technologies and new materials can only be in the early stages.