Will 3D printing does make any help to the real cosmetic containers packaging


The ObjetEden3D printer shortens the development cycle […]

The ObjetEden3D printer shortens the development cycle of packaging containers through rapid and simplified model making, optimization of drafting of packaging container designs, and internal evaluation. At the same time, 3D printing has promoted the bold innovation of young designers, and the development and application of new patents have also played an important role.

Printing technology meets the needs of cosmetic packaging containers for model transparency and gripping, assembly and other functional evaluations, and ObjectEden3D printers are ideal for office environments.

Packaging design is the "narrator" of the brand concept, the embodiment of the essence of the product, and the first weapon that consumers are impressed. For the cosmetics industry, the ultimate goal is "beauty", packaging containers are a more beautiful carrier. A beautiful and unique packaging container can give consumers a first impression, experience and beauty and pleasure. Therefore, cosmetic packaging has become an important area for cosmetic manufacturers to compete for competitiveness. The 3D printing technology used by ObjetEden is very efficient and its size creates a high quality cosmetic packaging container model. Most importantly, the printer supports 18 different materials, greatly increasing the flexibility and versatility of model making. The choice of different materials, especially transparent materials, meets the need for transparent packaging of cosmetic packaging containers. The design team mainly uses the ObjetEden3D printer to print cosmetic packaging container models, such as glass bottles/cans, plastic bottles/cans, etc., through these 3D printing models, appearance, feel and capacity (such as liquid level measurement)) packaging container design.

The ObjetEden3D printer, packaging container model making and design verification process is greatly simplified and convenient, enabling the design team to create more models and more packaging containers in terms of time and cost, increasing the design team's design. The choices have been made in the past, time and cost constraints have been eliminated, and 3D printing has inspired designers to be creative in the design team to maximize their creativity. At the same time, 3D printing also promoted the design team's utility model patent application.

3D printing has driven the bold innovation of young designers and played an important role in the development and application of new patents.