Prevent leakage of essential oil products during transportation

How to prevent leakage of essential oil products during transportation


To make our customers satisfied, it’s not enough to make products with high quality. The transportation is also a crucial link. Recently, customers have asked me how to solve the leakage problem of essential oil bottles in transit, Dalica is willing to share the experience from a good partner.Transportation is a relatively important part of cosmetic packaging materials, and the most worrying thing is the damage of packaging and the leakage of products.

Essential oil cosmetics is a common type. Regarding its anti-leakage problem, the distributor can choose from two aspects with our many years of experience, :

1. Packaging during transportation: essential oil bottle + non-porous inner plug. This is the most basic protective measure. In addition, it is better to wrap the outer part of the bottle with foam to prevent damage.

2. Product configuration: In addition to the first point, you can configure a set of drip plugs according to users’ habits, so as to prevent leakage, and the effect is quite remarkable.

Well, it is not a complicated matter to say. The good partner packaging here is just a little knowledge based on the experience of many years of cosmetic packaging materials. If you have any good suggestions, welcome to discuss them with us together.

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